Ultrasonic pest repellers


You are annoyed with the unwanted rodent animals and insects around your living area and looking for a pest control solution that is smart, clean, and comfortable.
We are delighted to introduce to our beloved customers the rodent repellent applying the ultrasound innovation to repel pests, rodents, and insects away from your house without trapping, or luring them.

Specifications of the pest repellent:
Rated voltage: AC 110- 220V
Coverage area: 2500 sq. ft
Plug type: US type
Material: High-quality ABS plastic
Working temperature: 0 – 40 ℃

Manual instruction to use mice repellent plug in:
– Plugin the ultrasonic pest repellent into the AC 110- 220V outlet directly.
– Ensure the ultrasonic mouse repeller would not be interrupted by carpets, curtains, or audio devices to prevent reducing the effect of the pest repeller plug in from sound absorption substances.
– The harmful insects and animals may activate more in the first 3 to 7 days but they just get stressed and want to run away, please do not worry. After 12 to 20 days, the mosquito repellent plug in will totally repel them away.
– The insect repellent plug in should be installed one unit per room for maximum results.
– A tip for you is to install the spider repellent plug in vertically 10 – 20 inches above the floor for rat repellent or crawling insects, and 30 – 40 inches for flying insects.



Innovative mosquito control technology: The ultrasonic pest repellers generate ultrasonic sound waves as a signal with the pests that they should keep away. The spider repellent sound power come with no chemical and non-toxic materials that are safe totally for humans and pets.
Different pest control objects: The ultrasonic mice repellent is accessible to keep multiple kind of pests such as mice, spiders, roaches, insects, mosquitoes, bugs, and ants away from your home. The bug repellent can be an alternative option to replace a lot of other traditional pest repellent.
Ultrasonic pest repellent covers large areas: The sound of the rodent repellent can spread up to 2500 sq. ft. But you should set up one unit of the pest repellent plug in per room for better results because the ultrasonic wave can transmit through walls and can be interupted by audio objects. This insect repellent plug in is useful a lot for home, office, hotels, restaurants, attics, …
Easy to use: To activate this pest repellent plug: just do a step that is plugging the mouse repeller plug in into the matched power socket and press the button on the pest control device, plugging it out to turn it off. The pest ultrasonic repellent works automatically until you plug it out of the power socket.
Excellent service: Our pleasure is serving you with our rat repeller and receiving your questions or feedback about your shopping experience. Please contact us confidently, we will support you to fix the issues of the rat repellent as soon as possible.


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